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28 October 2005

The Man from El Bulli, he say Non

I forgot to put into my diary which day the reservations opened up for El Bulli for the 2006 season.  Given that they have bazillions of requests for about two tables I realised my chances were limited.  Next year will be additionally busy given that the restaurant will be shut in 2007.

Anyway, I received today the response to my original email, which, other than niceties said

I would like to reserve a table for 2 people on any date, at any time, for 2006.

And the response I got today was

Apreciados Señores,

We regret not to be able to please your request.  Our problem increases since to the clients who wish to return we must add all the people who wish to visit El Bulli for the first time. We have started reservations management on mid October and have received again on the first day an extraordinary demand that has surpassed ours limited possibilities of reserves for one season. We apologize to you.

If you wish you can consult to us when the beginning of season approaches or near the date or dates in which you can visit to us. We must confirm many dates and, once fixed, we must reconfirm all a week before.

We will be at your disposal at [email protected] or at telephone  +34 972 15 04 57  (during the season, from 3.00 p.m.).


Luis García

I shall of course do as Snr García recommends and try again.