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31 July 2007

Forthcoming podcast: Claudia Roden

I am delighted that after a short hiatus my podcasts are back. I am particularly delighted that Claudia Roden will be my subject. She is a prolific author with a self-evident passion for the food she is writing about. For me what sets her writing apart, is the social history that peppers her books and adds meaningful colour to well written and researched journalists.

My particular favourites are her Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey from Samarkand and Vilna to the Present Day and The Food of Italy.

If you have got any questions you would like me to ask her, email me or leave a comment below, by Monday afternoon, UK time.

06 March 2007

Bacchus podcast

Phil Mossop and Nuno Mendes are doing amazing things at Bacchus. They're also both incredibly nice people. In my chat with them today Phil says there's no ego at the restaurant, it is hard to believe but could well be true.

As the success of their restaurant shows, they are tenacious. This was further demonstrated when I mentioned to Phil that I was never that keen on their desserts, especially the black olive financier. Never one to lose a battle, he got the kitchen to rustle up a tasting plates of three desserts, including the financier. I can now say their desserts are stonking, especially the pannacotta ice-cream. The financier ain't so bad either.

PS apologies if it sounds a bit tinny, I was using some new technology and there was a bit of an echo in the room.

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04 March 2007

Forthcoming podcast: Phil Mossop & Nuno Mendes, Bacchus

I am interviewing the chef and owner of one of my favourite restaurants, Bacchus, on Tuesday. If anyone would like to suggest questions or ideas, please let me know, either in the comments below or by emailing me.

23 November 2006

Giorgio Locatelli podcast

Giorgio Locatelli

From everything I have read and seen of Giorgio Locatelli, I got the impression he was a nice guy.  My chat with him has confirmed that.  We talked about a number of issues, ranging from the relative influences of his grandmother and Anton Edelman to Aprilia motorbikes.  We spoke at some length about how London is a great place to live, even if it doesn't have the culinary heritage of some other cities.

He also mentioned that Locanda Locatelli will be shut for most of January while they do some work to the kitchen.  Being a bad interviewer I didn't ask what was being done.

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22 November 2006

Forthcoming podcast: Giorgio Locatelli

I will be doing a podcast with Chef Giorgio Locatelli tomorrow.

As regular readers will know, he has recently published Made in Italy, Food & Stories, a book that I loveLocanda Locatelli, where he is chef patron, is a restaurant I love.  So frankly, however cool and aloof I would like to come across, I am very chuffed that he has agreed to do this.

To give you an idea of the esteem with which Giorgio is held, let me use the words of the UK's enfant terrible de cuisine, Marco Pierre White:

...when I was cooking I looked terrible. Actually, I think that's a telling sign of whether a chef is actually in the kitchen. When I look at Giorgio Locatelli, I know he cooks. It shows on his face. Locatelli is like an artist: his food is an extension of his personality and he keeps it simple and doesn't interfere.

As ever, I am keen to receive any questions from readers, either by email or in the comments below.

31 October 2006

Michael Ruhlman podcast

Michael Ruhlman

I've just had a great chat with Michael Ruhlman.  He laid into celebrity chefs, including a warning that Gordon Ramsay cannot afford to be dull at The London in New York.  He reassured me that Thomas Keller has found his balance, but his clogs are still AWOL and made clear his scepticism of Michelin breaking the US.  He also gave me a bit of an insight into his next project, a hubristic glossary of cooking.

Also, if anyone can help him out on recipes for balls (as in testicles, gonads etc) he would really appreciate it.

You can use any of the options below to listen to Michael and me.

25 October 2006

Forthcoming podcast: Michael Ruhlman

This podcasting malarkey seems to be getting out of hand.  Now Michael Ruhlman has agreed to do a podcast with me.

I've written about him on a few occasions previously.  His CV is blooming impressive: He has written a number of books about chefs and more recently about charcuterie.  He co-wrote Thomas Keller's French Laundry and Bouchon cookbooks.  Recently, he started his own blog although you can find some of his earlier on-line musings at Megnut.

To me, Michael seems to have an almost perfect setup:  he writes for a living about the things he loves.  His engaging style and willingness to say what he thinks (go read his blog) has ensured his success.  Among other things, I hope to get a bit more skinny on his relationship with Anthony Bourdain, to find out whether you would want to have a drink with Thomas Keller and get his views on the latest foie gras farce in the US.

I'll be speaking to him on Tuesday 31st October.  If you have got any questions, let me know by then.