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19 May 2009

My drinking confessions

Is it a little bit too metrosexual of me to 'fess up to falling deeply in love with Jasmine Silver Tip Tea?

Perhaps, in defence of my orientation, I can argue that No, it's not as it has brought me and Silverbrowess closer.  She is the only northener I know who can't stand a cup of builders.  But she too has fallen for this sexy little cuppa and rather than Horlicks, we've been spotted sipping it late into the night.  It's becoming something of a habit. (Reminder to self: get some of that Planeta oil).

And whilst I'm on the topic of hot caffeinated drinks, I have to admit I've found a Starbucks coffee I quite like.  Shock, horror, I know.

I generally do my best to avoid the mighty beast, but a month or so ago I was approached by a friendly chap from their PR agency who asked if I wanted to try their VIA Ready Brew.  Always ready for a laugh I agreed and was surprised to discover that they weren't that bad.  Of the two brews in the range, Colombian and Italian, I much preferred the Colombian, which had more complexity and was nowhere near as bitter as the Italian.

I'd opt to drink the Colombian instead of the average 'coffee' from Starbucks anyday and it's infintely more tasty than other instant sludge I've had the misfortune to try recently. Silverbrowess is a known Starbucks obsessive and she thought it was pretty good as well. 

It's no substitute for the real stuff, but in a worst case scenario i.e. nowhere but a Starbucks to buy a coffee, it would do the trick for me. 

Finally, whilst I'm on the subject of coffee, I strongly recommend this suprisingly engaging video of Gwilym Davies' recent success at the World Barista Championships, which next year will be held in London.