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20 September 2005

Taking the edge off

I love bread and possibly the crust is the best bit - not, if you're Hovis though. 

Photohovis Hovis2_1

They've come up with the truly inspired idea of making bread without crusts, or as they call it with invisible crusts.  Why do food companies need to keep tinkering with what we eat?  If there was any justice these loaves would be a commercial failure and Hovis will be yanking them from the shelves.  Unfortunately, it has all the hallmarks of a raving success and consequently the food people are willing to buy continues to sink to ever lower depths.

12 August 2005

You cannot be serious

This from the New York Times, is probably the most depressing article I've ever read.  How the journalist can justify parents taking their kids out for dinner with the sole intention of watching TV, is beyond me.  With the exception of the family that doesn't have a TV at home I fail to see the point of paying to watch TV.  In no way can going out for dinner and watching TV be considered a social activity, nor can it be considered a good way to improve a child's social interaction. 

The article refers to the dining table as having a "sanctified aura", it seems to imply that this isn't such a good thing and what we all need are TVs next to our knives and forks.  This is barmy.

01 July 2005

Amazon on food

Who said that Amazon only sold books?  But more importantly who said that Oscar Meyer's bologna could ever be considered gourmet?  I agree with Kraneland, it's weird.  I personally haven't eaten the stuff and from what it looks like in this photo I'm not planning on it any time soon.

23 June 2005

Fast food, fast film

I realise this somewhat jars with the Italian flow, but this article in Kiosk Magazine (a journal dedicated to all things kiosk, hmm fascinating) amused me.  It would seem that in the US, McDonald's is beginning to offer DVD's at its outlets through a service called Redbox.  I can't quite figure out whether Redbox is part of McD's or whether it's a company that has signed a no-doubt exceptionally lucrative licensing deal with the ubiquitous Golden Arches.  Either way, the bit I loved in the article was the following quote in the first para:

"McDonald's [is] long recognized for successfully bringing together the elements of food, lifestyle and entertainment..."

You'd have thought that they'd never heard of Morgan Spurlock.

The story gets even better towards the end of the article when it reports that the burger-tossing professionals who currently serve behind the counters are being replaced with, yes you've guessed it, automated kiosks.  I'm unable to decide whether the prospect of not having McJobs is better for the human race, than having them.