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14 April 2011

Gefiltefest, the London Jewish food festival

image from www.silverbrowonfood.com
image from www.silverbrowonfood.com

I've banged on about it before, but I'm rather excited to say that Gefiltefest is not far away at all.

It has taken on an impressive life of its own and I think organiser Michael Leventhal is going to need a large scotch on the evening of May 22nd.

The programme has not yet been finalised, but is nonetheless shaping up nicely.  The most encouraging element is that this isn't just a riff on salt beef and bagels and the limited extent that most people assume is 'Jewish food', rather it is set to be an intelligent mix of cultural and religious sessions, whilst addressing the glorious topic of food.  Agonising over what is Jewish food is quite normal in the US, it's nice to see it is now becoming more mainstream in the UK as well.

As a final hook with which to reel you in, Gefiltefest is being held at Ivy House, home of the London Jewish Cultural Centre.  It has got stunning gardens and assuming it's a lovely day, you'll be able to take advantage of some great open space.

Please also note that you can get a discount on tickets if you buy now.

The ticket prices are as follows.  You can purchase them on the LJCC site

£25 on the day.
£22 if you book before 20 May

12's & under:
£2/session (morning and afternoon)

£15 on the day
£12 before 20 May

Finally, if anyone is making a special trip up to North London and wants to take advantage of some of the local culinary kosher delights in addition to the delicious food you'll get at Gefiltefest, I'd be happy to point you in the right direction.  Let me know if a little guide would be of interest.


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In Spain we have old traditional jewish dishes and in the jewish olt town in rome you can find a great places to eat jewish food. I am looking for a excuse to go to London for visit the new jewish museum in Camdem Town, so go to this food festival will be the perfect oportunity i was waiting for.


@kitchenvoyage, yes, seems to be a good opportunity to come.

I love attending food festivals and Jewish food festivals in particular, are a real treat. I love comfort food and there is nothing more comforting than latkes, brisket, challah and pastrami sandwiches. Simple dishes like these are no less great than fine dining dare because they are packed with flavor and they taste great.

i went to Gefiltefest this year it was great

Glad you enjoyed it.

I'm not one most fond of Jewish food, since I find many dishes cooked bland. There seems to have been people adapting their dishes though, making it more fit for my taste. But that's just me.

I'm pretty sure Dominic's message is spam, but it's so badly written and the subject so amusing that I'm going to leave it up.  Just for giggles.

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