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25 January 2011

Good luck Adrian, adieu Margot's

Some restaurants generate far too much excitement and others not enough.  Whether it's the bizarre fascination with Michelin's annual announcements or the latest hot (London) thing on blogs, it is easy to forget that there are restaurants that simply do what one expects a restaurant will: serve you a meal you'll enjoy.  Margot's certainly did that.

I was therefore very sad to see the news that Margot's is being sold by its owner Adrian Oliver. My meal there several years ago remains a highlight of writing this blog. 

Adrian's restaurant was exactly the sort of place many people would dream of as their ideal restaurant, either to own or live close to.  The food was delicious thanks to the never failing combination of great ingredients and a chef able to do them justice.  However, he didn't forget that restaurants are also in the hospitality business and he was a generous and very welcoming host.

As far as I'm aware, Margot's never won any national plaudits, despite in my and others opinion deserving them. It was not the type of food that would get a Michelin star but surely a bib gourmand was in order.  Why does it matter?  Because Margot's is in Padstow, home of Rick Stein's empire.  Whilst I'm sure he deserves his success, it does no harm for tourists to be reminded there are other very good restaurants there as well.

Unfortunately my only meal there was a pretty quick lunch.  I know Adrian is still there and hasn't sold yet, but I imagine it won't be too long.  I wish him and his family all the best for the future.  As a parting shot, if Adrian reads this, I wonder if you might just share your bread, haddock chowder and sticky toffee pudding recipes is there?  I can still taste them all.

If you know of any great unsung restaurants, wherever they are, please leave details in the comments below.