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03 September 2010

Adverts on the site

Earlier this week I added bigger, more prominent adverts to the site.  I'd like to know your thoughts, particularly if you find them intrusive. If enough people object I'll probably remove them, or at least return them to their previous format.

I made the change because I'd like the site to pay for itself a bit more efficiently than it currently does.  I write the blog because I enjoy doing so, I know it is never going to earn me any serious money, but I'm sure there is room for financial improvement.  I do ok out of being an Amazon Affiliate and having Google AdSense embedded in the right hand column.  The odd bit of freelancing also helps.

My suspicion is that the new ads will make bog-all difference to the coppers in my pocket and will likely annoy some people.  They're beginning to annoy me, I liked the look I had going previously, so there is a fair chance that they'll all be gone quite soon.  Then again, if I earn a pretty penny, I may be able to overcome my stylistic principles.


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I think they're fine. But then again, I just added Adsense to my site too. (For the same reason you did--to pay for Typepad.) How did you get the MPU (the square ad) into your post footer? Are you using Advanced Templates? I didn't think so? I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it but maybe I need to play with the post footer some more.

Hi Krista, yes I am using advanced templates, so embedded the ads
myself. I've used advanced templates pretty much the whole time I've
been with Typepad. If it wasn't for them, I'd have made the switch to
Wordpress a long time ago I think.

I haven't found the ads intrusive but then I'm not really looking for them. The only time I ever click on the ads is usually by accident. (Lack of mouse control!) I would just go with your instinct . . . keep them until they become annoying! I do actually like the clean and minimalist look and feel to your site. Which isn't going to help you make loads of money!

Thanks Rachel, I'm more and more inclined to ditch them, but will hold judgement for time being.  

I have no problem with the adverts. I find "seasoned" web adventurers can see past adverts pretty much anyway, but for some reason newbies click on them thinking they're part of the site...No idea why that happens.

I have adverts on my blog too, so can't complain.

Thanks Scott for the comment.  I'm still mulling, but sorely tempted to pull them.

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