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04 June 2010

It's all rather humbling

It's been an awfully long time since I last posted on the blog because life, in a very real way, has come knocking.

As a consequence I've been mulling over giving up writing the blog. I have found it quite tough over the past couple of years to find the time to write anyway, but the last few months have been extraordinary, in the very worst sense of the word. 

And yet, I keep thinking about topics I want to write about.  Whether it's a response to the JC's series on meat, or a fantastic dinner at Dinings, the wonders of fried chicken recipe in Momofuku or the ethereal joy of a plate of Jerusalem grill and mujadara at Sima in Jerusalem.

And then an inocuous tweet brings a bit of light into my day.  It seems that this effort of mine, Silverbrow on Food, has been recognised by Rose Prince.  She is a lady I have long admired.  Rose for those not in the know, is a grande dame of British food, she's written several books and regularly writes for The Telegraph

I have had the pleasure of meeting her once, many years ago when we were both speaking at one of Lulu Grimes' writing classes.  When Lulu asked me to talk about blogging I was only too happy to oblige.  When I walked into the room and realised that Rose was putting across the newspaper perspective, I was more than a little awed.  It turned out she was nothing other than exceptionally knowledgeable about food, passionate about newspapers and most importantly friendly and gracious.

That's a very long winded way of saying that I'm honoured to have been included in her list of the best food blogs.  And as I said before, to be included in company with Dos Hermanos, Scrambling Eggs, Eat Like a Girl, Hollowlegs, The Passionate Cook and The Lambshank Redemption.

I hope to be back shortly writing up some of the above, rather than cluttering the blog with navel gazing posts highlighting when someone says something nice about me.