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08 December 2009

Latkes in Covent Garden

Last week's latkes were sensational.  I have it on good authority that this week's are set to be an improvement. 

To the uninintiated a latke is a food that deserves due reverence.  To dismiss it as a bit of fried potato, onion and egg is to misunderstand the alchemy that occurs when those three ingredients are combined, salt is added and they're deep fried to a crisp puck.

The University of Chicago is the home of some of the greatest (/most controversial) economists of our time.  It is also home of the annual Latke vs Hamantaschen debate.  You don't need to worry about what Hamantaschen are, but suffice to say latkes are the clear winners, however obscure the debate gets.

Chanukah starts this Friday, and as I mentioned last week, we tend to eat fried foods on Chanukah and that means eating latkes.

Which is why Dan Young of Young and Foodish is not only freezing his tuches off in Covent Garden this Thursday and Friday, but will also be lighting chanukkah candles on Friday at 4pm.  I'll overlook the minor issue that he'll be lighting candles once Shabbat has come in and instead focus on the fact that he's a mensch.

Fress and be merry.


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Oh God do I love latkes. Am already looking at my schedule to see how I can get over there on Friday. Is he shutting down at sundown or serving til 8, do you think?

Sorry Krista I'm not sure.  Instinct tells me he'll be there until later in the day, but worth checking with him.

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