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04 December 2009

Getting your branding right

One minute I was reminded of some of the best ads of the last decade.  My personal favourite is the Honda cogs.  A great director and a shed load of money can be a wonderful mix for a brand.

Within minutes of seeing them, I saw this video from Henrietta Lovell, The Rare Tea Lady, and you realise that with imagination and a camera the internet lets you do great advertising on what I'm assuming is a shoestring budget. 

It has to be the case that in many ways the internet hasn't changed things for food companies - or anyone selling any product - marketing is absolutely crucial.  The internet has simply democratised it.  But, as ever with democracy comes responsibility.  Because if Henrietta had ballsed this up, her brand would have been badly damaged and the wonder of the internet means it's not easily forgotten.  Ask Neals Yard Remedies.

I think other high end food / drink producers could learn a lot from her marketing savvy.  It's not luck that she has a great product and a great reputation.  If she doesn't already do it, she should go into consultancy.

BTW I agree with the psycho-looking tattooist, jasmine silver tip is sublime.


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Thank you Silverbrow for the very kind words.

I should explain that it was my great fortune to meet the amazing men at Watermill-London who made this film. And my customers, of course, who were prepared to go on camera for me and Rare Tea for nothing more than tea bribes.

(The film is having a problem loading onto my site - many appologies if you can't play it- but you can watch it on You Tube on the rareteacompany channel.)

Hernietta it was my pleasure. I strongly believe that if more small food producers followed your model we'd all be eating better.

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