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12 August 2009

Shaun Hill interview & podcast

I had intended that I'd record my interview with Shaun, write it up and just put snippets of our chat as recordings on the site.

However, I enjoyed the call so much, and he's so brilliantly frank about himself and other chefs, that I've decided instead to leave it in his voice, not mediated by me at the keyboard and let you listen to our chat in its entirety.  

A couple of apologies up front: the sound at my end is a bit rubbish and I waffle at the start, but I think I pick up the pace eventually.

I was intrigued to learn about the history of the iconic Walnut Tree.  I hadn't realised that Corbin and King were once involved, nor the truly dire consequences of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. I was sadly oblivious until tonight of Bill Baker, However, I was heartened to hear Shaun is keen to continue writing.  (Although The Merchant House Cookbook is sadly out of print, you can get it from the ever excellent Gardener & Cook.) 

I was also particularly pleased to hear that he hasn't changed his guiding principle that restraint and simplicity of execution are essential and his views on the science of food.

He lays into the odd person as well, which makes for entertaining listening if nothing else.

I haven't done a podcast for a while, so as a quick reminder, you can listen to it either on the site or in iTunes, where you can subscribe to this and previous podcasts.

I just hope it lives up to expectations.

Link to mp3 of Shaun Hill podcast
Link to Silverbrow on Food on iTunes


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Fanatastic interview that provides great insight into Shaun's career his educated thoughts on cooking and the restaurant business.

Thanks Gastro1

Fascinating. Thanks for letting Shaun talk and his candid approach was very engaging. I wonder if he knows Rick Stein? He was a big pal of big Bill as well.. and has literay aspirations too. Some years back my Dad and brother ended up at Reids looking for a present for my 18th birthday... I never met Bill but owe him a huge debt for the wine he persuaded them to buy. Langoa Barton '45.

Thanks Wine Splodge, pleased you enjoyed it. There was something Shaun said that gave me the impression he did know Rick, but can't now remember what it was. Apart from anything they're contemporaries - along with Rowley Leigh, Alistair Little, Sally Clarke etc.

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