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30 July 2009

Organic food ain't all that

For those of you that don't follow me on Twitter you won't have seen my appeal to read Tim Hayward's excellent article.  His fundamental point is that the organic movement is inherently problematic for those who care about their food.

It's a topic I've tried to address before and he deals with brilliantly.

Foodies have been turning away from the 'organic movement' for a long time now. It had to happen really. There's nothing we love more than to to get into nerdy conversations with suppliers about provenance, rearing and growing practices, and it takes no time at all to realise that caring about quality products and wanting to bring something brilliant to market have absolutely no correlation with the ability to jump through the expensive hoops necessary for an organic certification.

As an aside, I've just spotted that Seeds of Change are sponsoring Word of Mouth. Seeds of Change crows loudly on its website about its organic status, and slightly more quietly that it's owned by Mars, International.  Kudos to WoM for taking such a clear independent editorial line, not I hasten to add, that there's any reason to think it wouldn't.


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