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19 April 2009

Kenwood vs Kitchenaid

Amazon have currently got on what seems to be a great deal:On a selected range of Kenwood appliances there is 30% or more off. 

The Kenwood Chef Premier KMC560 Kitchen Machine (Silver) is currently on offer for £195, compared to the list price of £320.  True, in these tough economic times, no meshuganeh is going to sell at list price.  But even John "Never knowingly undersold" Lewis is selling it for £239, making the Amazon deal seem even more like good sense.

Although I'm not entirely thrilled at the prospect at laying out this sort of money, we have a real need for one and have been talking about buying one for the last five years.

But am I missing something? And in particular, should I be lusting over the Kitchenaid?  The cheapest one I can find is considerably more expensive at £340 and the motor is only 300W compared to the Kenwood's 1000W - a crucial factor it seems to me when it comes to mixing and kneading.

But as I say, am I missing something in the battle of the mixers?  Your thoughts and input are gratefully received, as ever.  I'd like to ensure that if I buy the Kenwood it is worth it and this deal isn't a false economy.  You know what they say about fools and their money.


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I love my Kenwood. My family is completely of this faith. I'm not thrilled by KitchenAids -- strange speed regulator and nasty high-pitched engine. But one thing is definitely better about KitchenAids: it's easier, much easier, to pour ingredients into the bowl when the machine's head is down.

Thanks Duncan. Despite the weight of advice to the contrary on Twitter, I ended up going for the Kenwood, the price just made sense.

Kenwood! Kitchenaid! Meh! I love my Magimix! ;)

I think I'm getting the Kenwood for my Birthday.

Amazon have upped the price, but John Lewis still rock.

Let me know how you are getting on with it.

Neil, I haven't yet got round to using it I'm ashamed to say.

Kavey, I like my Magimix as well but the bowl just isn't big enough.

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