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02 December 2008

Don't go local

I've never been that keen on the local movement, so much of it is so disingenuous. Additionally, it spawned the world's most ridiculous word.

It's also no guarantee of good food. As Shola's rule #37 proves.


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Still no excuse to go eating asparagus from Peru - especially during the local asparagus season (and, yes, I did see it on sale in large supermarkets during the summer!).

Alex, that is very true. My point was don't go for local just because it's local. There's a tendency for worthiness to override other considerations, which is a big mistake.

Im with you on that!

I don't know! Just how locavore can you get?

I just found your blog and have to say I'll be a regular reader, nice writing.I have to agree, sadly though, about the whole locavore B.S.. When I can buy things produced locally I just do it, plain and simple. But, I buy quality first, local second, thats all there is to it. I wrote this piece on my blog about the locavore movement:
Let me know what you think

Thanks Mark. Your article is interesting but I stick by my argument. It makes no sense at all to buy something just because it is local. It is very possible that something locally grown/made has a much larger carbon footprint or frankly might just be lower quality. IF there are two equally good/bad products that are made locally or far away, by all means buy the local one. But to follow it as a way of life is overly-worthy, insane and deeply short-sighted.

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