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20 November 2008

I'm wired

My caffeine intake on most days is a latte from Monmouth (double shot of espresso), maybe a Diet Coke and then a double espresso in the afternoon.  I'm pretty careful not to have caffeine much after 5.00pm.  If I do I'm awake all night.

Today, I had my usual at brekkie, an abstemious green tea at lunch and a double espresso after lunch.  I then had four double espressos tonight.  So I'm wired.  I've spent the day exhausted and now I'm wide awake, typing with heart palpitations, beads of sweat running off my forehead and clammy palms.

And all because of Square Mile Coffee Roasters' Taste of Australia event.  I've never been to a coffee tasting and this was a bit of a revelation.  Most - but not all - of my fellow sippers seemed to be caffeine pros.  I was just there for the fun of it, and it was great.

I enjoyed learning about the four coffees we were tasting, I enjoyed my long and disturbing chat with Chris about cookbooks and kitchen utensils and I enjoyed at last meeting James.  We've been in blog contact, we've emailed and I'm responsible for people randomly turning up for cups of coffee.

I agree with Chris that Seven Seeds was my favourite, it was fruity, chocolatey and I thought there was a hint of dill, which it seems is no bad thing.  Seven Seeds' video gives you an idea of just how geeky these coffee addicts can get.  Brilliant stuff. (As an unrelated aside, if you want to learn how to get high-def YouTube videos, check out Jason Kottke's suggestions.)


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Dude, now that I am caffeine free I know all about caffeine. And green tea is not abstemious! It can have as much caffeine as coffee if it's brewed for a while. And well, in general, it's just caffeinated.

Krista, thanks for that, didn't realise it had caffine in it.

This was indeed a great event and had a good mix of industry and enthusiasts, including many talented barista's in their own right.

I didn't get the hint of dill in the Seven Seeds, but there was an eclectic mix of tastes being written up on the whiteboard for all to see and debate.

Hope to see you at further events!

Thanks Glenn, I'd definitely stick myself down as an enthusiast. I hope there are more events, both at Square Mile and other roasters. If for no other reason than I need to sort out my coffee taste buds.

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