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24 November 2008

Ferran Adrià in discussion with Jay Rayner

As promised, I'm planning on liveblogging Ferran Adrià's talk in London tonight and you can follow it below.

If all goes to plan, I'll start at about 7.30pm GMT.  If you can't make it live, or take Douglas' comment to heart, you should be able to use the box below to read the transcript afterwards.  But just to reiterate, that is if the technology works.


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Seriously good job, Anthony. Forgive me my cynicism.

Thanks Douglas - and don't worry, you're forgiven I had exactly the same misgivings. I was also a bit worried I was going to get smacked by someone sitting near me, annoyed at the tap-tapping on the keyboard. Luckily they were a very nice bunch.

Thanks for this.
Thoroughly interesting read..

Fascinating reading the evening back, even though I was there! What an extraordinary man.

Chris, completely agree. It was a real honour to be there and see and hear him.

Lovely to meet you last night - at last! I enjoyed the evening and he is a truly inspirational man, but some of the audivisuals... That dining couple scared the living daylights out of me!

Ahhhh. So you were the guy casting a blue glow in the middle of the audience.

I agree! Really enjoyed reading it even though I was there. Good job!

I really enjoyed the event last night, Anthony. Thanks so much for helping out with the ticket!

You are a brave man! I tried twittering at the beginning but I don't think the people behind me were happy abou that! Love the transcript. Great work.

@Jeanne, it was great to meet you guys as well, sorry it was so fleeting though. I agree about that couple, like a dodgy foreign porn movie, so I've been told.

@AdriaFan, guilty as charged, unless some other freak was up to my tricks! Frankly I thought someone was going to tell to stop being such an arse, everyone was far too nice I'm pleased to say.

@Niamh, sorry we didn't get to meet.

@Callie, my pleasure, pleased I could help out.

@Krista, yup I was a bit worried, but no-one smacked me over the head so I figured I'd keep beavering away.

Well I'm sorry I missed it but thanks for the post, I'll be quicker of the mark to get a ticket next time!

Thanks for posting this, very interesting! I got directed here from Eat Like A Girl and I'm so glad I did, you have a great blog here.

George, welcome and thanks.

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