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08 November 2008

Aiden Byrne leaves the Dorchester

The news is a real shame.  I can't say I'm surprised, he should be out there on his own rather than tied down by the rigours of a hotel - although there are probably better economic times to launch your own place. 

He's a great chef and a lovely bloke and I wish him all the best in his new place.

The Dorchester must be less than delighted, especially as it leaves them without a decent restaurant. 


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Hi Silverbrow,
Long time reader, first time commenter...
Have you heard any news about who will replace him?
I heard he was leaving last week and was quite disappointed, having only discovered how good a chef he is a couple of weeks ago:

I have tried all three Dorchester restaurants and his is far and away the best.

Welcome Food Snob, thanks for the comment and don't leave it so long next time.

I've no idea who's taking over. I imagine The Dorchester are trying to figure that out themselves.

Righty-O then, AS, I may as well reply at once!

I am sure the Dorchester must have seen this coming. His recent comments have been laced with hints about getting the PR in place to open his own restaurant; I just thought he would wait until January...

IMO, since the hotel already has 'ethnic' cuisine covered and I doubt they will be introducing a direct competitor to loyal partner, AD, they will probably then be continuing with the traditional British theme. Therefore, though it has been written that 'they are shooting for the stars', I do not think that we can expect a truely spectacular new arrival (espcially in the current climate too).

I guess I thought I would just share that...

I imagine you're right that they won't be trying to get a star in immediately.

I got the impression they were somewhat suprised by how good and popular Aiden turned out to be. I'm sure that it must have been quite embarrassing for all the hoo-ha around Alain Ducasse to have been shown to be emperor's new clothes, whereas Aiden was doing the real thing across the corridor.

I expected a lot from AD...
Well, it will be interesting to see who does come. The Dorchester deserves to have a top restaurant.

thanks guys...
I think its brian hughson from Gary Rhodes

I`m glad he has come to Lymm - Had a meal at 3pm tofay, best chicken & mushroom pie I have tasted. Church Green pub Lymm 01925 752068

Heather, thanks for that. I hadn't realised he'd started already.

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