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26 September 2008

Baking Friday / Sourdough September

I'm attending a sourdough baking class being given by Dan Lepard today.

Dan rarely holds classes in the UK so it seemed like a fantastic opportunity - especially as it was bought for me as a very generous birthday present.

Long-time readers will know the high esteem I hold Dan in - listen to my podcast with him here - and so I'm really excited by the prospect of the day ahead. I was thinking about trying to live blog or twitter the day, but swiftly nixed the idea as I just want to learn. I'll try to write it up later.


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I tried live blogging and twittering my class at L'atelier des chefs and it was REALLY hard. I felt totally rude as I was fumbling with my phone all the time. Just focus on enjoying the class...(although a photo or two would be nice...)

i'm really envious... i've been baking bread with my own sourdough for almost two years now, at least one loaf a week, and I would love nothing more than quizzing the pro. lepard's my bread hero... i wish i had known about this earlier! if you can get any future fixtures out of him, i would appreciate it ;-)

Johanna, it was fantastic, absolutely worth it. I think there's another day planned for January.

Krista, I decided not to bother and just enjoy the lesson.

As I was going to ask you all the questions previously asked by the other curious people, hope you had a great time as I did when I met him in Wales last year, got to watch him roll out croissants with a wine bottle!

Jeremy - which reminds me I really need to write-up the day, it was fantastic.

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