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03 August 2008


The eagle eyed may have noticed some changes to the blog.

You may notice some of the content in the far left and right columns has been swapped.

I've added better syndication options in individual posts. You'll see two links at the bottom of every post that say 'Email this' and 'Add this!'. When you click on them, it's fairly self explanatory what happens next. I've included some pagination, that hopefully should make it even easier to navigate around the site.

As part of this tidying-up process I have culled my blog roll on the left hand side. There were too many blogs listed that I never read, so it seemed ripe for pruning. I may be cutting back further in the coming days.

Many thanks to the team at Six Apart Services for recommending many of the changes and helping me implement much of this - and my apologies to them for buggering-up some of their hard work that they' have to rectify.

If you spot any kinks, let me know and I'll try to iron them out.


If for any reason I edit a comment, I explicitly say so. I only edit comments if they are rude, abusive etc. I reserve the right to delete comments if I think they're unduly offensive or constitute spam.

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-Ah, the pain of de-listing(...!)

Sorry Douglas but fear not: I'm still in the process of rejigging my blogroll.

Is it just me or does this type of housekeeping take inordinately large amounts of time?! I did some pruning and reshuffling of blogrolls and a rejig of my sidebar content recently and it took forever - plus I don't think anybody noticed :( Ah well.

Jeanne - you're absolutely right. It's also a damn good way to upset some people as well, unfortunately.

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