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20 August 2008

Housekeeping - the clean up

As I previously flagged, things have now changed around here. The main changes are to the layout of the columns on the left and right of my posts.

Now accessible via the navigation in the left hand column are:

  • Date and category archives: click ARCHIVES
  • The full list of the food blogs I read: click BLOGS
  • My cookbook collection: click BOOKS

I've reduced the number of posts on the front page, but with my swanky new pagination at the bottom of the page, together with my lijit search over there on the left and the re-ordered archives, everything should be easier to find. It should also mean the site is a bit quicker to load.

You may also notice that towards the end of each post on the front page there is a little button saying Buzz Up! This is a vain attempt on my part to spread the love that is Silverbrow on Food, through the wonders of Yahoo's Buzz. You might want to read this to understand why I'm quite excited by it. Then again, if it ends up being a flop, I'll be deleting those pesky buttons.

If you've got any tips or hints, please let me know.


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I like the new, cleaner design of Silverbrow and want to thank you for deciding to keep Lijit on your blog. Yours is one of my favorite food blogs and I use it as an example all the time. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Tara, very kind of you to say so.

I love it! It's the kind of thing I'd love to implement, just to tidy things up a little. Have made an attempt in that direction by sticking stuff on pages manually, but it's a slog and still lots of work to be done. Also in a quandary about displaying my category archives, not to mention recategorising all posts!! Aaaaargh. Are you on the mid-level or the premium Typepad plan? Would love to know whether what you've done is possible for my blog without having to take an html or CSS course...

Thanks very much Jeanne. I think I use Typepad Pro. I say I think, because I just tried to log on to check but there seem to be some issues at the moment. I found the reordering fairly straightforward. I'm ok on HTML, less so on CSS, but eventually got there with a bit of trial and error.

The best thing I can suggest is have a play - but before you do make sure to save all your existing content and templates. I export mine into notepad and then back them up. That way, if all goes horribly wrong I can revert to Year Zero. Alternatively, you might want to have a word with the team at Sixapart Services. I got a bit of an MOT with them, which started the ball rolling for me.

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