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31 July 2008

Bacchus to close, Bacchus to open

I was sad to see the news that Bacchus as I know it, will close from Saturday 9 August.  However, I'm delighted to hear that this is far from the end for Phil and Nuno and their culinary magic.

The Hoxton site will no longer be 'fine dining in trainers', it's now just 'trainers' at the renamed Bacchus Pub and Kitchen.  But, I have it on good authority this is not the last you'll see of the Bacchus of old.  A future incarnation may not be on one of London's fruitier streets, but otherwise, it is set to return in the not too distant future.

Which is great news.  I've enjoyed every meal I've eaten there and have had the privelege of getting to know Phil and Nuno a fair bit as well - here is a podcast I did with both of them last year.  They are both lovely guys and I wish them well in everything they do in the future.

The question is, can I get a sneaky meal in before Bacchus shuts on the 9th?


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I actually think this could be good news. I loved Bacchus of course - who didn't? - but the last time I was there I spent some of the evening watching a man beat another around the head with a metal bar. I'm not kidding.

Chris, you're probably right that good will come out of it, especially if they end up in Mayfair and get the recognition they deserve.

One thing though, was the head-beating incident in the restaurant or outside. If the former, did you intervene or carry on with your dinner?

Hi Anthony. I was expecting an announcement based on what Nuno told me a few weeks ago, but not quite this quickly. Have you arranged that last meal yet? I had exactly the same thought. Let's book a table and invite other bloggers and friends to a last supper, if we can. If you email Trig at the address on his blog, I'll pick up the email and respond back to you with a phone number (I don't want to publish my email or phone, of course). Meanwhile I'll be visiting Hoxton Street later today to see Nuno and check on dates. Cheers.

I think I'm going on Wednesday night with some friends. Maybe see you guys there...?

I stopped in this evening - it's really sad to see the place winding down and staff dispersing, but I know the future is going to be really bright in the end. Although they are still serving customers this week, the menu will consist of whatever is around and with the best will in the world the heart won't really be in it. I don't want to spoil my memories of some great meals.

Wednesday evening it is. Nuno will be there to say goodbye. Everyone is invited for drinks (and some food if there's any going) and there's no need to book. I'll be there around 7.30. I'll post a note on UKFBA and via the London FB Facebook. Invite any other bloggers/foodies you know.

Thanks Mike and Ben. I'll try to make it Wednesday night but with the little one, I'm sure I'm going to be able to make it. I'll see what I can do.

Bring little one along. I took Aidan to far worse places when he was tiny!

I'll be there with tears in my eyes...I read about the closure on egullet last week and was intending to book a final table this week anyway - Wednesday night it is then. See you all there.

Pete, don't be too sad, they will be back. And from what I hear, it'll be better than before.

Seems to be gaining momentum by the hour. I just heard from Roshani (Living To Eat) that she will also be coming along on Wednesday. Looking forward to it!

It was outside. We have friends who live about 2 doors down and it was during post-dinner drinks at their flat we heard a bit of a commotion outside. Strange area.

I may be able to pop up on Wednesday night, so maybe see you there.

Come on guy's cheer up - we are not going forever!

Also worth pointing out that we will be doing private events for the rest of the year so if you want you can all club together and get Nuno and the lads round your own gaff!

Thanks for all your support over the last 2 years - it's been ace but it is the right time to do it

Hopefully you will still come and see us at Bacchus Pub and Kitchen too...

Phil Mossop

Phil - thanks for the comment and I can't wait for the new incarnations. From what you said to me, it's exciting times ahead.

Ah, looks like I may now be able to make it :) I just hope they don't mind us descending en masse.

The "en masse" bit will be catered for as soon as my dad arrives. Many of the others intending to come along tomorrow will be invisible with him there. Don't let him get drunk and forget to take some photos.

Sorry you couldn't make it in the end, Anthony. Here are a few photos we took:


Cheers for the photos Mike. I was sorry as well that I couldn't make it. Other commitments unfortunately.

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