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04 May 2008

Olive Magazine & Dizengoff

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Tony Naylor for the BBC's Olive Magazine. It was for a feature in this month's magazine about bloggers' favourite but unknown restaurants.

Mine was Dizengoff. I've never done a full on review of the restaurant, which is a bit remiss because it's the restaurant I visit most frequently. I'll let the Olive article be a proxy for my review, as I really don't have time to write one now. Suffice to say though that for simple grilled meat, with fresh salads, I love Dizengoff. Given the tone of the article, I thought the photo accompanying the article (a dessert) was a bit of a non-sequituir. I've never eaten a dessert there, so am not in a position to express a view one way or the other.

You can download a pdf of the article here.

Google Maps
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Dizengoff, 118 Golders Green Road, London, NW11 8HB, UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 8458 7003

What others think

Time Out - Dizengoff's is (sic) producing some great meals


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Tried to post today, May 5th, a comment on Dizengoff but it appears in March ????

Moved my comment !! Love your blog, it also combines both my food and Jewish interests.
Was rather amused by the Dizengoff illustration - as a kosher meat restaurant, the one thing they wouldn't serve is cheesecake !!
Mazeltov on your daughter - enjoy...

Thanks Suzie - it was a slightly strange choice. I'm pleased you're enjoying the blog.

Hi Anthony and Suzie,

Just wanted to reassure you both that the picture of the cheesecake was taken at Dizengoff and they do, definitely sell cheesecake. I agree it's unusual but perhaps they buy it in? All the pictures for the feature were taken on location.

Thanks and I hope you both continue to enjoy the magazine.

The olive team

Nice to see you in Olive - all the best bloggers end up there eventually ;-) I'm due to appear again later in the year - will keep you posted.

Olive - sorry, didn't mean to question whether the photo had been taken at the restaurant, I know it was. My point was just that in a meat joint, I'd assumed the photo would be of meat.

Jeanne, indeed they do. I look forward to reading it, any clue on the topic?

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