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08 April 2008

Marcus Wareing has got a blog - and a new book

He doesn't update it much, but Marcus Wareing has a blog, with a bit of YouTube thrown in for good measure.

I learned about it from a press release to his new book One Perfect Ingredient, Three Ways to Cook It. The book reminds me of Simon Hopkinson's seminal Roast Chicken, in particular the way both books focus on several recipes for a limited number of key ingredients. I quite like it, it seems straightforward and well written. I haven't cooked from it yet, but Silverbrowess has - more of that anon.

Given the infrequency that Marcus has updated the blog, I wonder if it's part of a wider post-Pétrus project? Funny that none of the links on the site are to Pétrus or any Gordo related site - they're only to his books or the BBC. Not really that much of a surprise I suppose.

Seriously though, if Marcus was to blog properly, himself, frequently, that would be pretty cool.


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What we need is more UK chefs blogging. Or more professional food bloggers. The US appears to have quite a community of professional cooks/chefs/writers who blog and comment on each other blogs.

Apart from Trig, I can't think of any UK chef with a blog that is regularly updated. Even prolific food writers don't seem to want to start down this path. I'd love to read a Mark Hix blog or Hugh F-W.

Dan - I agree about some proper chefs blogging - it could be fascinating. But I guess the reality makes it pretty unlikely. Not sure what you mean by professional food bloggers - unless you mean the likes of Michael Ruhlman - but it's more that they're pro writers with blogs etc.

Probably most chefs, having being concise with instructions during a long service don't have time to blog thoughts. Unrelated, but what is the yellow substance in the three shot glasses on your header?

Douglas, I think you're probably right. I also imagine that many of them might not be all that comfortable behind a computer.

As for my header, they're chillis - I think scotch bonnet, but can't remember 100%.

Mabey somebody should ask Marcus Wareing on his blog when he is going to jump ship and set up his own restaurant and finaly get some recognition of his own instead of always being in Gordon Ramsay's shadow

After you Paul...

I didn't know that Marcus Wareing had a blog. The new book sounds good too, I really enjoy his style of cooking and any comparisons with Simon Hopkinson work for me.

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