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14 April 2008

Interview with Trusted Places

I always had a problem understanding Trusted Places. I couldn't understand what they were all about.

That was until I met Walid at a fascinating shindig arranged by Andrew of Eating Albion fame. After a bit of explaining it all made sense and I see that it's not simply another London Eating.

That night Walid asked me if I'd like to do an interview with them, I said yes and it's up now on Trusted Places. Thanks to Laura who asked all the questions. Welcome to all those who have come over here, from over there.


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I did a video interview with Laura last Friday, but I'm not convinced it was the best decision given the alternative of written responses to questions. The editing cut a lot away and make me look a bit obsessed with the topics that remained. Still, it's fun to do. Yours reads very well.

Thanks Trig, pleased you enjoyed it. When's your video up?

Nice piece - but your anonymity is sabbotaged - is your visage is revealed on Eating Albion?

Douglas, shh don't tell anyone.

I will clarify though: my anonymity is because I don't want my work to interfere with my blog or vice versa. You'll have to take my word that neither impacts on the other. Nonetheless I keep the two separate. Which is why, for those who know me, I have no problem telling my surname too, but with the power of Google these days, I like to keep them discreet online.

I think the Trusted Places's guys have figured out a way to have some of the best user-generated content around. The London Eating stuff can be such a chore to troll through...terrible grammar and punctuation, and just random bleating in general.

Re: Anonymity on line: A reporter from The Evening Standard tracked me down at work a few months ago for my thoughts on London restaurants. I was like "Are you CRAZY?? Don't ever contact me at work again!!!" My colleagues all pretty much know about my little hobby, but I wouldn't want to be another Petite Anglais!

Krista - how the hell did they track you down? That's downright scary. I agree about TP, it's quite an interesting place. I wonder what will come of it. Have you seen forkd? I reckon they and TP should get together.

Woah - Krista - a journalist actually doing some investigating, that's kind of refreshing to hear though I agree that to call you at work out of the blue like that is pretty shocking. I would have had the same reaction.

What I most liked about the piece, Silverbrow, were the links to blogs I wasn't familiar with. I think I am going to get lost in 'this edible life' - initial read very promising. Cheese & Biscuits looks good too.


Sam enjoy, they're both great blogs.

Walid is an interesting guy - I've met him a couple of times but still have not got as far as joining and reviewing for Trusted Places - mea culpa! I've been pretty slack about posting restaurant reviews on my own blog lately, let alone on TP!! And how disconcerting that Krista got tracked down at work. My colleagues all know I blog (not that I am in any way involved in an industry related to my blog), but I would still be annoyed if the press tracked me down and felt they coudl use my work details as a contact address.

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