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29 March 2008

The Big Fat Duck Cookbook


Sorry, I'll calm down.

I've been waiting for this for sometime. It's coming people, the book we've all been waiting for, or at least I have. (Sorry Jay, not referring to you this time, but here's a plug anyway.)

Amazon now have Heston Blumenthal's The Big Fat Duck Cookbook listed for sale from 6 October 2008. List price is £100 and you can pre-order now. No doubt there'll be some discounting, but sod it, there goes some of Siverbrowlet(te)'s inheritance.

From reading the blurb on Amazon's website I'm hopeful this will be a chefs book, rather than simply a cookbook. I want it to be Essence or The French Laundry Cookbook writ fat. Going on Heston's past form, I'm guessing the book will be very detailed, fairly complex, but written in an engaging way.

I've no doubt that for most people who receive it, it will be added to the pantheon of must-haves-to-read-but-unlikely-to-ever-be-cooked-from cookbooks. I'll try not to fall into that category, but don't fancy my chances.

There's nothing yet about it on The Fat Duck website, but I'm guessing there will be soon.

Makes me think that I'm due a return visit. I cannot wait.

[Strokes chin. Exit, pursued by a rumbling tummy and a light wallet.]

UPDATE: Further information on his publisher's website.


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I like funny spam. Coco thanks for the comment.

Quote blub: "But he is entirely self-taught"

Didn't he do a stint at Manoir or Marco Pierre Whites gaff or something?

The whole "entirely self taught" myth he spreads about really does irritate me...

I've no idea - I'll take your word on that. But even so, would it be so unreasonable to say he's self taught? I guess they're trying to convey that he hasn't been to culinary school and hasn't come up the ranks of a brigade like others.

I love the idea of plus-sized spam appearing on a gourmet blog! Brilliant targeting I'd say.

I think I'll get the book however I think £100 is probably cheap in comparison to the dosh you'll have to shell out for the kit needed to make most of the recipes. I still haven't had the courage to follow any more of Heston's recipes since I did his Peking Duck from start to finish, although I'm itching to have a go at another one. If I can just summon up the energy...

Pete, that is a very good point, his equipment and our equipment at home are two very different beasts. Interesting to see if he does tone it down for the home cook. I really hope he doesn't. I know it means that it's useless as a cookbook, but as a recipe book and guide it'll be invaluable.

Your peking duck was a work of some dedication.

As much as i would like to get the Big Fat Duck cook book the Alinea cook book intrests me more and it will probably a lot less as well IMO

I ment to say it will cost a lot less Lol

Paul, you're right about the cost, especially if you pre-order Alinea, which you still can. They're offering if for $50 at the moment.

Nonetheless, I reckon I'll end up getting both, it's almost as certain as night following day.

I can't ever imagine paying so much for a book, even if it is big and fat. Even the Alinea book seems costly, though I might swing that and pick it up for myself for Christmas.

Cindia, so given what you've said about Alinea, you clearly can imagine paying that much for a book??

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