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11 March 2008

Telepathy: Eating Albion gets TV deal

I have twittered about this already, but I know many of you are non-twittering luddites. So for those of you who fall into this camp, I wanted to point out that Eating Albion now has a TV deal. Yes, that is right, this turn of events was foretold, but no-one ever listens.

I know other food bloggers have got book deals, but I can't think of another UK food blogger that has got a TV deal out of their blog. Nice work young man.

Now if I could only have as much luck predicting the winner of the Gold Cup this Friday.


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Hi Silverbrow. Sadly it's not a TV deal, just a web deal. Though it will have videos of lil' ol' me doing stuff on the site, and there maybe a 'best of' on 4oD or a 3 minute Wonder after Channel 4 news, but it's not a fully fledged TV show...

...but that's a good thing! It means it's light, it's internetty, it's bloggy and webby and such - woo! Which is the medium I know best and the best medium for this project.

thanks for the support.


Cheers for the clarification Andrew - and good luck

I've been told that if I don't already know what twitter is, it' would be best for me to avoid finding out!! :-)

Leah, I think those people who warned you are right, it can get addictive, but like all things, it's worth trying just once. What's the worst that can happen.

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