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20 March 2008

Starbucks buys Clover

I've been intrigued by the Clover since I first read about it a couple of months ago. $11,000 sounds a lot for some drip coffee, but then again, I've no idea how much the La Marzocco machines are that serve up my daily latte at Monmouth Coffee.

But as John Gapper suggests, knowing that Starbucks now owns the company takes the shine off somewhat.

I take it this is the latest step by Starbucks to regain its position as a premium coffee seller and differentiate itself from the likes McDonalds which has been encroaching on its space.

Maybe we're seeing the end of super sweet, cream laden excuses for caffeinated drinks?


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Love your blog, it also combines both my food and Jewish interests.
Was rather amused by the Dizengoff illustration - as a kosher meat restaurant, the one thing they wouldn't serve is cheesecake !!
Mazeltov on your daughter - enjoy...

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