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23 March 2008

Gordon to “rectify” Pétrus

I'd heard the rumours that all was not well between Gordon Ramsay and his protege and head-chef of Pétrus, Marcus Wareing, but I was surprised at how public Ramsay has gone.

In a full-page article in the Business section of today's Sunday Times he mentions that one of the things that made 2007 his annus horibilus were the “inconsistencies” at Pétrus.  But don't worry, he's planning to “recitfy” them.

Oh right, those inconsistencies must include winning a second Michelin star.

Wareing's contract is up with Gordon Ramsay Holdings sometime later this year and from what I've heard Wareing is gagging to leave.  Not bloody surprising.  In  my experience, he is a fantastic chef, with a proven track record.  He doesn't need to put up with crap like this.  I'd love to know a bit more about what actually caused the bad blood.  Can it simply be Ramsay's concern at being overshadowed?  Or is filthy lucre involved?

What with Bjorn van der Horst, former head chef of La Noisette leaving the GRH fold last week, it seems that Ramsay is shedding good chefs as quickly as he's acquiring gastropubs.

UPDATE: As Paul points out in the comments below, Wareing and Ramsay have split.  According to the Daily Mail article, Wareing will have a contract directly with Maybourne Hotels, owners of the Berkeley, where Pétrus is currently located.  Interesting to know who owns the right to use the name Petrus, Maybourne or Gordon Ramsay Holdings?


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If Marcus Wareing wants to jump ship good luck to him, because having Gordon Ramsay always in your ear must get a bit boring after a long perod of time, as for the reason why they have allegedly fallen out it is probably jelousy because Gordons food is still stuck in the 1990's and Marcus's Wareing food is much more exiting to eat IMO

Paul, I think you're probably right. Anthony

You've seen them, but in case not, there's an interesting look at restaurant criticism on Word of Mouth (http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/food/2008/03/levy_critics.html) as well as Jay Rayner's take on why La Noisette folded in its present incarnation.(http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/food/2008/03/location_location_location.html).

Apologies, I meant to write 'you've probably seen them'...

I did see them, but thanks for including the links here Douglas.

So it has finaly happend Marcus Wearing and Gordon Ramsay have split up, and accordng to the Daily Mail Marcus Wearing is going to stay were he is after the owner's of the hotel have decided to go with him once Gordon Ramsays contract with them expires later this year, i guess Gordon Ramsay is gutted that he cannot fire him now, rats deserting a sinking ship? IMO

Paul, well spotted, thanks for that.

The Daily Mail article is here.

Sounds like great news for Marcus.

It'll be interesting to see how Gordon spins the loss of two of 'his' stars.

I personally do not think that Gordon Ramsay will be that bothered by the loss Marcus Wearing and his 2 Michelen star's because the man is on a mission and and according to him he will have more stars than Joel Robuchon very soon and with more top class restaurants like the one at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 and Foxtrot Oscar in the pipeline? i can really see him acheaving his goal of total global domination in the very very very near future IMO Lol

I'm not so sure you're right. Ramsay loves harping on about his Michelin stars. This is because he uses them to justify his lower-end dining franchise (gastro-pubs in particular). Anyway, interesting to see how it plays out.

I was being sarcastic mate

Comments are like emails, it doesn't always come through!

Just read an artical were Marcus Wareing called Gordon Ramsay a sad bastard who was holding him back, let the culinary war begin because we have not had a great chef fued in ages and this one is just coming up to the boil IMO Lol

Paul, is that the Waitrose Food Illustrated article?

I was surprised to see Wareing become so 'Gordon-like'. However after I heard some of the background to their wranglings over recent months, it's not such a surprise.

Care to give those of us not in the know the background on some of there wranglings mate

Paul, the wranglings are really the legal issues mentioned in the WFI article which I understand got particularly fruity. It seems though that it might all be over, if this article from the Caterer is correct - and I've no reason to assume it's not.

We are yet to visit 3 star Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, but we have already dined in Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's and Petrus, and so far, for our money...GR @ Claridge's had a marginal edge, not what you would expect with a 1 star versus 2 star establishment. We are yet to eat at RGR, but have been to The Boxwood Cafe and Foxtrot Oscar.

Watch out Marcus, don't forget the likes of Mark Askew, Angela, Stuart, Mark Sergeant, Jason, Josh, Simone, Clare, Andy and company who are all in your calibre, as much as we like you, these are all capable of equalling or surpassing you, and you have forgotten who has helped your rise to greatness in the first place, perhaps you're suffering from amnesia of the early days working with Gordon at Aubergine.

Chris, I'm not sure one can deduce that Marcus has forgotten where he came from. Having a pop at one's mentor is nothing new viz Gordon and Marco. It seems to be a rite of passage.

anthony--one thing you are forgetting is that while it may be a rite of passage; you still respect your mentor. unlike marcus... its very risky to bite the hand that feeds you, if you are successful, congrats, if not, it must be lonely being alone...

Chris, I don't disagree, but Marcus is merely following in Gordon's footsteps. I'm not necessarily saying he is doing the right thing, simply he's following a well trodden path. And he does seem to be fairly successful, no?

Chris Topliss is that U. Ye Olde Stoke-On-Trenter ?

Wozzy, not sure that Chris will read this all that regularly but I can email him for you.

Wozzy is that you you old North Staffs Polyer?

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