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08 February 2008

Rossopomodoro to hit Covent Garden, Gili Gulu gone

I was delighted a couple of weeks ago to see builders gutting Gili Gulu on Monmouth Street. I never ate there, but it purported to be a sushi kaiten restaurant. Whenever I walked past the staff were morosely smoking outside, there were no customers inside and the lonely fish looked limp, pale and deeply unappetising.

According to the stickers curerntly in the window, the space has being taken by Rossopomodoro.

I'd never heard of the place before, but a big of Googling suggests that Pizza Express on St Martin's Lane is in big trouble. Looks like decent crispy pizza is about to replace floppy flacid fish.


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I ate there once and it was pretty bad. A number of my friends used to rave about it, mainly because it did all-you-can-eat; so I suppose for their sakes I can't really be _pleased_ that it's gone.

All you can eat, or 2 for 1 deals on sushi can never be a good thing. Good, fresh fish should not come cheap.

Ah, Gili Gulu.... Takes me back... oooh, nearly 10 years now. It was great when it started, and was always packed out. But I guess it was partly the novelty factor, back in the days when sushi conveyor belts were unknown in London, and partly that - as you say - their prices were on the cheap side. But they were never actually that good at sushi, and the food never tasted that as fresh as it should have done. Londoners are a choosy bunch on the whole, so I suppose Gili Gulu's demise is no real surprise. Bring on Rossopomodoro, then!

I'm pleased to say it was never a source of so much nostalgia for me!

I can understand that. I'm sure it wouldn't have been on my map at all, but for the fact that it provided a reasonable (then, anyway), fun place to eat as a student...

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