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23 January 2008

Michelin 2008 tweets

I've been twittering (see the left hand sidebar) the Michelin UK 2008 results (pdf).

I'm really pleased to see The Goose has got a star, well deserved in my opinionSurely, they must now be able to sort out a website. Update: Thanks to Duncan in the comments, he pointed out they do have a (rather swanky) website.

It's a shame my local Indian restaurant, The Parsee has lost its Bib Gourmand, but to be honest I haven't been for a while so can't vouch for how good or bad it's been. Update: Thanks to Gavin in the comments he pointed out they're now shut.

The move to London has meant that Hibiscus has lost one of their two stars, but they must have known that was a risk.  They must be relieved though that they're on the espoir list (given the nod that they should get their second star back next year).

Could Ducasse blame his hubris for the lack of any stars for his new joint at the Dorchester, or is it simply that he hasn't been open long enough?


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Re The Parsee, believe it has shut. To quote their website "The Parsee Restaurant is now being relocated to central London and now temporarily incorporated with Cafe Spice Namaste at 16 Prescot St, London E1 8AZ".

The Goose does have a website: http://www.thegooserestaurant.com/

Gav, thanks for that. Shows just how recently I've been there. It's a shame to hear - but explains the loss of their BG.

Duncan, thanks also. I tried looking again today on Google but to no avail.

Thanks for posting the press release, saves buying the guide. I was happy to see Kastoori in Tooting get a bib and have added a few more places to my to do list (and deleted The Parsee). Does anyone know if Sarkhel's has closed, or just been demoted? I suppose I could just ring but would be a bit odd ("Yes sir, we are still open", "jolly good, I won't take you off my to do list then, bye.")

Sorry London Restaurant I haven't a clue.

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