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16 August 2007

Valvona & Crolla's blog

Whilst I was researching my olive oil post, I discovered that the team at Valvona & Crolla have started blogging.  Or maybe that should be they have stopped blogging.  They started in March but came to a grinding halt at the end of June.

Valvona & Crolla is a world famous, and long established Italian deli in Edinburgh.  I've never been but have only heard good things about the bounty that sits within its four walls.  They would be an intriguing addition to the food blogging world so I hope they restart.  But if they do, they really must stop linking every ingredients to their online store.  On the harder to source items, fair enough, but linking to Maldon salt in a bread recipe, is more than a little patronising and mercenary.

Despite such etiquette issues, I like the idea of seeing their forthcoming book develop on-line.  As a source of produce and knowledge, they are not far off being unrivalled.


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