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05 August 2007

Thank you

I am a very lucky man because I have an exceptionally loving family and set of friends. I also have Silverbrowess who is astounding. In the only way that is appropriate for a blogger I want to say a big thank you to her for a fantastic birthday and in particular an amazing surprise bbq - fear not I'll thank her in more traditional ways as well. I also need to say thank you to Ma and Sis Silverbrow who I believe have spent the past week prepping and cooking for today's lunch. I'm not often taken by surprise, but I was today. So thank you to all of you and everyone else complicit in keeping me in the dark, Bro Silverbrow gets a special mention for distracting me whilst the madness was unfolding at home.

Being a significant birthday, people have shown exceptional generosity, as you would no doubt expect much of that is connected to food. There have been dinners at The Golden Hind and Restaurante Semplice that I have yet to write up. There is the stage I have yet to organise and there is my first edition of my subscription to Restuarant that I have yet to read. So I start a new decade with a lot to do. Must fly.


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Happy Birthday! Looking forward to seeing some barbeque pics, and the stage at Bacchus sounds interesting

Thanks Trig, I can't wait for the stage.

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