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16 August 2007

Khymos blog

It seems to be new blog Thursday.

Thanks to World Champion Barista James author of Jim Seven, I have discovered Khymos a blog dedicated to molecular gastronomy. I have also discovered that there are a whole host of other blogs dedicated to the subject.

Although the term molecular gastronomy might be so last season, Khymos is all about the chemistry of food. For those of us who rely on McGee and This, we can learn a lot from Martin Lersch, the blog's author.

We can also thank him for the recipe collection he has compiled of hydrocolloids - substances that form gels on contact with water. The collection is broken down according to the gelling agent (agar agar, gelatin etc) and includes recipes from a number of blogs, books and online sources. Looks like fascinating and informative stuff for us geeks.


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Hi Anthony,

I've been reading Khymos for a while now, and as a chef myself it's opened my eyes to a few things. Martin's posts inspired me to experiment with strawberry and coriander as a combination, with great success! It's great that we're starting to ask ourselves why certain foods taste good with others, and looking into how the physical and chemical structure of ingredients affects the way we perceive their flavour. I hope Martin can inspire you get involved with some experimentation in the kitchen too!

Thanks Trig, it's definitely one I'll be keeping an eye on.

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