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22 April 2007

It is beautiful, but we need some sun

If you go on a holiday of a lifetime there is an assumption, especially if you're from the UK, that you'll go somewhere with great weather. For the past five days we have been putting up with pouring rain or sub-zero temperatures. As a consequence we are now making a dash for the sun. We're postponing Chile, we're ignoring the Torres del Paine (Towers of Pain, need I say more) and fleeing into the open arms of Rio and all she has to offer.

Not that the bad weather hasn't had some good points. One of the highlights has been El Calafate, a town in the middle of nowhere, that reminds me a lot of Cicely, the setting for Northern Exposure. Admittedly, it does err towards the twee, but sitting on the shores of Lago Argentino it has ready access to astounding scenery. Our guide book is less than complimentary about El Calafate, describing it as unattractive, yet they raved about Bariloche - the heart of the Argentinian Lake District. In our opinion they are wrong. Bariloche is an ugly little town, not helped by pissing rain. Whereas, El Calafate has some real charm to it. Although, in both places you pay through the nose for crap food and mediocre accommodation. If we were giving points on scenery, which in the end is what it is all about, El Calafate wins hands down.

I should say, that Silverbrowess is doing very well on keeping us on budget. So well, that I am writing this from the business class lounge at El Calafate airport.


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That's a very unusual and attractive photo you've taken there Anthony. I'm curious, so what manner of "crap food" have you been exposed to so far then?

oh i am sooo jealous! you're having the trip i had always planned and then two babies got in the way! i will avidly read your posts and dream of going there myself in a few years' time! enjoy it

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