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06 March 2007

Bacchus podcast

Phil Mossop and Nuno Mendes are doing amazing things at Bacchus. They're also both incredibly nice people. In my chat with them today Phil says there's no ego at the restaurant, it is hard to believe but could well be true.

As the success of their restaurant shows, they are tenacious. This was further demonstrated when I mentioned to Phil that I was never that keen on their desserts, especially the black olive financier. Never one to lose a battle, he got the kitchen to rustle up a tasting plates of three desserts, including the financier. I can now say their desserts are stonking, especially the pannacotta ice-cream. The financier ain't so bad either.

PS apologies if it sounds a bit tinny, I was using some new technology and there was a bit of an echo in the room.

Click below to listen.


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Sorry - I only just got round to listening to this as I've been busy finishing my gastronomy project report and getting it handed in.

I wish I'd had a chance to come down there with you - I only live a few hundred yards away. I've been talking about a meal there for ages. Next time you are planning to go please send me an email.

I did laugh a bit at Nuno's accent. Obviously taught English by an American!

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