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31 January 2007

Feed me Bubbe

If you have heard of the mythical Jewish grandma but don't get what all the hype is about, watch Feed me Bubbe and all will be clear.

I am not sure whether this is some sort of viral campaign or not (no idea what for) but it is very funny.

The question yet to be answered is who is the star of the show?  Bubbe or her schmendrick grandson who introduces each video.

Hat-tip: Haverchuk


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Can't thank you enough for this. I don't much care what these guys are up to and I think it's just to make a few quid by running a commercial website, but my dad has been looking for a latke recipe (as opposed to an American hash brown recipe) for months now and asking me how to cook them. And Bubbe has a video on this site showing exactly how to do it. So dad is trying it tomorrow and if it works I'll be posting an article on making latkes soon (with appropriate acknowledgements, of course).

That was one of the videos I watched last night. It looked pretty authentic from what I remember. Basically all you need is lots of potato, egg, onion and oil. Don't forget the salt and pepper as well.

Couldn't agree more. If ever I saw a recipe that could not be retrieved by seasoning after cooking, this is it. Got to get the salt and pepper in first. One thing that caught my eye was the bit about freezing them after cooking and the flavour improving (like so many curries). It's strange, really, I know how to cook very elaborate French haute cuisine dishes but have never cooked a latke (except using Osem latke mix which is no longer available).

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