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05 November 2006

Bourdain on Ramsay

Anthony Bourdain interviews Gordon Ramsay in The Times, about Ramsay's attempt to break New York, Gordon Ramsay at The London.

Bourdain doesn't give him an easy ride and over the course of the article gives the impression he is sceptical that Ramsay will be successful.  In particular, he questions whether jaded New Yorkers will be excited by Ramsay's old school French cooking.  A point made to me by Michael Ruhlman in our podcast earlier this week.

Bourdain does seem to get Ramsay quite worked up over the power of Frank Bruni, the New York Times restaurant critic.  In one exchange Gordon asks "No one knows Frank Bruni, do they?", Bourdain writes "I tell him where he might get a picture."  That's very good of Anthony, but why the conspiratorial tone?  I don't get the cult of Frank.  I enjoy his writing but why is there this mystery over his visage? Can I suggest the denizens of New York dining stop getting so wound up and start using Google or Ask.


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