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05 October 2006

Ruhlman and Bourdain on Salon

Old sparring partners Michael Ruhlman and Anthony Bourdain have one of their normal argumentative agreements on yet another threat to foie gras in the US at Salon.  It looks like New Jersey is now doing its best to put a stop to foie gras production, a ruling that if it goes ahead will basically mean no more foie gras in the US as it will mark the end of D'Artagnan foods - one of the main suppliers to NY chefs.

If I was a constituent of Michael Panter, the muppet behind the proposed ban, I would be quick to tell him he's a meddling ignoramus and a bully.

I'm not a constituent but I told him anyway.


He clearly does not understand the first thing about food production, let alone foie gras production and likes picking on easy targets.

Anyway, go read Ruhlman and Bourdain and pester Panter.


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