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25 October 2006

Forthcoming podcast: Michael Ruhlman

This podcasting malarkey seems to be getting out of hand.  Now Michael Ruhlman has agreed to do a podcast with me.

I've written about him on a few occasions previously.  His CV is blooming impressive: He has written a number of books about chefs and more recently about charcuterie.  He co-wrote Thomas Keller's French Laundry and Bouchon cookbooks.  Recently, he started his own blog although you can find some of his earlier on-line musings at Megnut.

To me, Michael seems to have an almost perfect setup:  he writes for a living about the things he loves.  His engaging style and willingness to say what he thinks (go read his blog) has ensured his success.  Among other things, I hope to get a bit more skinny on his relationship with Anthony Bourdain, to find out whether you would want to have a drink with Thomas Keller and get his views on the latest foie gras farce in the US.

I'll be speaking to him on Tuesday 31st October.  If you have got any questions, let me know by then.


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If you would not mind asking how he discovers, uncovers or just finds his subjects.


I beg for you to ask him whether he thinks Keller is the last of his kind, the staunch traditionalist...btw, send a hello to michael from his friend Greg at the CIA!


Thanks for the questions guys, I'll be sure to ask him.

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