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13 October 2006

Forthcoming podcast: Aki & Alex, Ideas in Food

I have really admired the blog Ideas in Food for some time.  It is written by chefs - and husband and wife - Aki Kamozawa and Alexander Talbot.  They are the chefs at Keyah Grande, a hunting lodge, which according to its website is near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. When I looked it up on Google Maps, I realised that everything is relative and in truth, they are near nowhere, properly the middle of nowhere.

Despite this (or is it in spite of this?) they appear to create some of the most imaginative dishes around.  The thing I particularly enjoy about Ideas in Food is that often it is a stream of their consciousness about food.  They riff about what does and doesn't work in the kitchen.  To the ordinary home cook, many of the dishes might seem bonkers, such as Warmed King Salmon, pistachio cotton candy, watercress, jalapeno-apple dressing.  But then again, think about those flavours and you can see they might work.  Or what about their Potato Gnocchi in Foie Gras Consomme, which sounds like such a perfect dish you wonder why no-one devised it before.

Their cooking conjures up lots of questions.  I now have the opportunity to ask some of those questions because Aki and Alex have agreed to do a podcast with me.  We have not confirmed a date yet because work and a seven hour time difference is conspiring against us, but with any luck it will be sometime in the next week or so.  When the date is confirmed I will let you know.

As with the Dan Lepard podcast, I'll happily take questions from readers that I will ask Aki and Alex.  Either email me or leave a comment below.

UPDATE The podcast has been confirmed for Monday 16th October.  It will be early evening UK time, lunchtime US time.


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Hey, that's pretty close to my neck of the woods. I will have to check it out.

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