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12 September 2006

Trig blogs

I just came across an interesting blog from Aidan 'Trig' Brooks, a London-based trainee chef with the decent ambition of becoming "a top-class, world-famous chef."  I hope his nickname doesn't suggest any similarities with his Only Fools and Horses namesake.  If it does, those he's cooking for might be in for an interesting meal.

Nonetheless, Aidan has got a great writing style and seems to have some good experience in a variety of restaurants, with a particularly strong showing of Asian influences including Providores and Cafe Spice Namaste.  Go read.

Hat-tip: Food blog blog


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Hi Anthony,

Thank you very much for your compliments towards my blog, it's great that you have been reading it and have become interested in what I have to say. I see you have created a link to me on your blog, I will reciprocate with a cross link if that is ok with you.

My nickname "Trig" was originally given to me by my older brother Joel years ago, as an ironic statement about my intelligence, I hope. I actually get quite a bit of stick at college because of my broad knowledge, as well as my memory for entirely irrelevant facts.

That's alright then. Keep it up.

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