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28 September 2006

Shake Shack


Having just stumbled off a transatlantic flight, starving and jet lagged, it was with some delight that as I was walking to my first meeting, I realised I was going past Shake Shack.  According to numerous sources, Shake Shack serve the best burgers in New York, if not America.  Although, the national title is hotly contested with In-N-Out Burger on the West Coast.  Such arguments are irrelevant to me given that I wouldn't eat the burgers in either.  However, I could have one of SS's legendary shakes, so I did.  It took half an hour from standing in the queue through to finally getting my drink.  (If you want to try to beat the queue, keep your eye on their webcam)  It was astounding.  It was dense and creamy and tasting of good chocolate, not over sweetened rubbish.  I'm not sure what chocolate they use for the milkshakes themselves, but I did notice that one of the toppings they serve is Valrhona.

I know I'll get in trouble for this from the diet police, but it was good, very good.

Shake Shack, Southeast corner of Madison Square Park, near Madison Ave. and E.23rd St., New York, NY, 10010, USA
Tel: +1 (212) 889 6600

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What others think
New York Magazine - A weekly visit could cause you to rethink the necessity of having to get out of town during the summer.
Gothamist - ...even if you ate already, nothing screams dessert like a double shack burger. That or a nice thick shake.
Amateur Gourmet - When eating at Shake Shack, bring your squirrel spray.


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