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16 August 2006

Fay Maschler blogs, sort of

Ok, Fay Maschler is not quite blogging in the way Frank Bruni of the New York Times does, but readers can now leave comments on her reviews. This follows a redesign of the Evening Standard website.

At the time of writing, no-one has left a comment. Assuming someone does bother to say something insightful, it will be interesting to see whether/how she responds.

From a media watching, rather than food-blogging perspective, I find it fascinating the Evening Standard feels compelled to convert so much of its content to look more like blogs and less like traditional media. Clearly The Evening Standard is getting a bit scared at the prospect of the arrival of thelondonpaper (yes, spelled like that), News International's new free evening paper.


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Not sure why the Standard has re-branded its website but it's awful -too busy & cluttered & too heavily focussed on entertainment. I'll be sticking to sky news from now onwards.

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