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22 June 2006

Ta ta Zvika

In October 2005, I gave Zvika six-months before it went under.  I was about two months too pessimistic.  I went past the restaurant the other day and noticed the windows were white washed and the doors locked.  A sign in the window said they would soon be reopening with a halal kitchen.

I don't know what has caused this volte face.  Either the economics of a poor quality kosher restaurant in a Soho back street not known for its passing traffic didn't work out, or there was some other problem.

When will kosher restaurants learn that just by being kosher is not enough?  In somewhere like Soho, where there isn't a strong Jewish, let alone religious presence, another grotty restaurant serving overpriced mediocre food is not very appealing.  When the food is further inflated because it is kosher and the food is even more mediocre than usual, it would appear doomed from the beginning, as I had predicted.


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