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20 June 2006

Egg cream

I've never had an egg cream (although I have had a few creme eggs), but having read this story about the war of Uncle Hymie's egg cream, I wish I had.

Similarly, I wish I had been at that meal at Barney Greengrass with Smilesburger and Philip Roth (or his alter-ego).  An encounter that the Amateur Gourmet kindly retells for us.

I do not think the stereotypes of New York Jewish life could be summed up any better than in these two articles.

Mushk steak anyone?


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OK, so what exactly is an egg cream?? I first heard about them on (wait for it) a vinyl record of stand-up comics calels "You don't have to be Jewish" - it was a whole bunch of jokes delivered largely in wonderfully broad New York accents and from there I gained all my knowledge of Jewish cliches (and my use of the phrase oi vay which I employ to this day...) But I have never found out what it actualyl is!

Neither have I. I think it's a NY tradition rather than Jewish per se.

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