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18 May 2006

Can too much butter be a bad thing?

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond the call of duty.  I know I said I would attempt to stop partaking in my one-man peace corps, but recently I had very little choice but to help bring harmony to the world.

I was at a breakfast meeting at The Wolseley and it would have been rude of me not to have eaten something.  So I chose a pain au raisin.  It was exceptionally good - in fact rather too good.  It was a bit too airy and light - demonstrating a judicious use of butter.  If I'm honest, I thought it a bit girly.  Although, I reckon there were more calories in it than half the waifs in the restaurant eat in a year.

This was a good specimen but I've decided I like mine to have a bit more density than the buttery fluffiness (that does sound good though, doesn't it?) on offer.  It was worth the calories though.

Apologies for the lack of a poor quality photo. I didn't feel comfortable explaining to my client why I was taking a picture of my plate.


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Ooooh, tough one this. Ordinarily I would have to say there can NEVER be too much butter!! ;-) In fact, reduced fat "croissants" are some of the world's saddest creations (alongside "toaster croissants - ready flattened for the toaster!!). But I do agree that beyond the featherlight flaky exterior, there should be a chewy, buttery substantiality (perfect for soaking up honey and, dare I say it, more butter!). Calories be damned...

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