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01 March 2006

Delving into the archives

I was just having a look through some of my old posts, when I came across this.  I was surprised to note that I had suggested I might be interested to read Food and Judaism. Surprised, because only a couple of days ago that same book landed on my doorstep.

One of the things I love about the internet, all these food blogs and forums and food sections from papers around the globe, is that I am introduced to new ideas and new books.  It got to be that I couldn't keep track of all the book that took my fancy, so I started to compile a list on Amazon.  Every so often, normally when Silverbrowess is away so she doesn't notice, I'll buy a few books off the list.  The list works well - the only problem is I forget where the recommendation came from.  It would seem that Food and Judaism is just such a book.  At least now I remember where it came from.  I now can see the value in re-reading my older posts more frequently.

I've only flicked through this book, but it looks promising with essays titled "Smoked Salmon Sushi and Sturgeon Stomachs: The Russian Jewish Foodscapes of New York" or "Holy Kugel: The Sanctification of Ashkenazic Ethnic Foods in Hassidism."  No-one ever said it would be an easy read, or unpretentious, but I'm hopeful it might help me out as further source material for my growing interest in the history of Jewish food.

I will try to remember that I have posted this and come back with some views on the essays when I have had a chance to read them.

Greenspoon LJ, Simkins R, Shapiro G (eds) 2005, Food and Judaism, University of Nebraska Press (ISBN: 1881871460)


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