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05 December 2005

If you're going do it, do it right

I've been thinking about a small redesign of this site because I was feeling my list of blogs (to your left) is getting a bit too long.  It also got me thinking about how often I visit most of the sites I've listed, and concluded that it was not often enough.  There are lots of food blogs that gets lots of attention Chez Pim, and 101 Cookbooks being two good examples.  Many blogs, such as my own, are written by people with too much time on their hands longing to be involved in the food business full time but too scared to actually go and do anything about it.

Those who are in the business, and in particular those who are chefs, are either too busy or not inclined to blog regularly.  Two exceptions to that rule can be found at Knife's Edge and Ideas in Food.  If I see new posts on either of these blogs I get very excited but for different reasons.  Knife's Edge is very witty, with a dry humour that conveys the joys and agonies of owning and running a restaurant.  I particularly enjoyed a recent post about a customer who was furious that he was not allowed to get pizza delivered from the restaurant opposite, for his picky child.

Whereas Ideas in Food is more focused on the food itself, than running the place.  In particular the site appears to be dedicated to serving delicious, interesting and beautifully presented food.  The website is focused on chefs Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot's experiments in their kitchen.  Whereas most of my experiments come out as brown gloop, their's end up looking like this:


If you want to see how real food fanatics cook and live, you can't do much better than with these two blogs.


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