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02 November 2005

Lobbyist required

Kate at Accidental Hedonist has announced that the 2005 Food Blog Awards are soon to be launched.

It would seem that the 2004 award winners deserved their prizes.  Several, such as Chez Pim and Movable Feast, are regularly quoted in the print media and have a fantastic following.  Interestingly though, being nominated for an award isn't necessarily good news.  Some of the blogs nominated last year, such as Kosher Bachelor, FatMan Seoul, One Toque over the Line among several others, have gone silent since their nomination. 

I would be happy to be a trailblazer and prove that there is no such causal link.  I will prove that

nomination ≠ blog ignominy

Don't let it be said I'm not magnanimous.


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