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08 November 2005


My keen eyed (ir)regular readers will have spotted the new box in the right hand column, entitled Upcoming.org Events.  If you click on any of the events, you'll be directed to a group I've setup on Upcoming.org called Global Grub

Upcoming is a bit of a whizz bang site that enables events to be posted and tagged according to topic.  In a similar way to the tagging systems used at Technorati, Flickr or del.icio.us.  I'm not going to explain it here, but all these tags are folksonomy tools.  (Click the word folksonomy for a wikipedia explanation of what it actually means.)

If you're interested in finding out about food or wine events, take a look at the Global Grub page, or even better, sign up as a member and post your own events.  I have a grandiose scheme to make this the central resource for all food related events.

In the rather cloistered world of food related websites, events are a touchy subject.  It is largely thanks to the draconian / benevolant dictatorial approach to organising events at eGullet, that other food forums such as Opinionated About, Mouthfuls and Mongomania were set-up.  Unlike eGullet, I or others, won't be seeking to control events on Global Grub, it's an open resource for all to use.  If it's food or drink related stick it on there. 

Please use it and sign up as a member. If you don't, I'll look like a complete arse.


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I think this is a very good idea, and you seem to have set it up in a way that won't step on anyone's toes. Thanks

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